What’s New at Lajollacooks4u: Bringing May Flowers

April Showers Brings May Flowers

The month of April was astoundingly busy for us at Lajollacooks4u! But good, gourmet food and wonderful people make time fly on by. So now we’re wrapping up April’s showers, and moving onto May’s flowers!

Lajollacooks4u’s Chai @ Beth El cooking series is coming to a close: Lajollacooks4u hosted its last cooking class in April.


The Chai group went to work on a Moroccan cuisine-themed menu, which featured delicious dishes such as Napoleons (incorporating puff pastry and custard), quinoa, and a Moroccan Salmon with a delicious yogurt sauce. The group of young adults certainly had a blast cooking up and chowing down on these specialty dishes.


Lajollacooks4u also welcomed a lovely couple from Kansas City, Missouri, who were visiting La Jolla. Carol and Chuck Reynolds enjoyed a foodie-centric spring break, cooking and dining on a delicious, gourmet meal they learned to prepare at Lajollacooks4u.


Our kitchen really heated up with a party of ten who came to celebrate Rachel Silverstein’s milestone birthday. An olive oil tasting competition and refreshing mimosas kicked off the celebration. Then the group got to cooking!


With burners fired up, and cooking utensils flying, the group took on an aggressive Mediterranean menu. It was no small feat, but it was surely delicious! The group made an impressive meal, including dishes such as Stuffed Artichokes as an appetizer, and two separate entrees of a Beef Tenderloin with a Mustard Seed Herb rub and a Smoked Salmon. For dessert? A Berry Crisp and Chocolate Melting Cakes. Wow!


Hard work made the group hungry, but great food made them all happy and full.

One guest shared on Tripadvisor, “There are many cooking classes available, but [Chef] Jodi’s home and garden make a stellar location, and her attention to detail and the feeling she gave us of being honored guests is unique. Highly recommended!”

This month might’ve been busy, but we had a lot of fun. And April is only just a warm-up for all the exciting things Lajollacooks4u has in store for upcoming months!


 Lajollacooks4u’s private and intimate setting provides a friendly environment where participants can relax, sip some wine, and laugh together, while engaging in our unique cooking and dining experience.

For more information about our team-building challenges, celebrations for special occasions, and cooking with Lajollacooks4u visit www.lajollacooks4u.com 

Make your reservations by contacting Jodi at 858-752-4980 or email jodi@lajollacooks4u.com

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