What’s New: A European Epicurean Excursion

Cooking in Corsica with Michelin-Starred Chef

When she’s not guiding cooking classes, writing her cookbook, and managing team building events, Chef Jodi can be found…cooking around the world! It’s true: Chef Jodi is continually furthering her culinary knowledge and skill through training with international chefs.



Her personal motto is, “There is always something to be learned in each new cooking class!”

Chef Jodi took a two-week excursion to France and the French island, Corsica, where she met with expert chef Julien Diaz of Chez Charles. Chez Charles is a world-renowned restaurant located in Corsica with one Michelin star- an outstanding feat for gourmet restaurants.


The extremely talented (and extremely good-looking) Chef Diaz worked one-on-one with Chef Jodi to prepare a delicious Stuffed Sea Bass, which was deboned and stuffed with julienne carrots, shallots, zucchini and leeks.



Chef Diaz also introduced Chef Jodi to an authentic Corsican dessert dish, the canistrelli cookie, which was topped with cream, berries and a magnificent sugar disk.


Chef Jodi had a magnificent time, and considers cooking with Chef Diaz the highlight of her trip! But most of all, she’s excited to share with upcoming cooking classes the outstanding Mediterranean recipes and expert cooking techniques she learned from the renowned Chef Diaz.



Croissants, baguettes, beignets: Chef Jodi tried her hand baking in a pâtisserie while in France! Chef Jodi participated in a pastry-focused cooking class where she learned to prepare some delicious French pastries and sweets.


Don’t these croissants look simply délicieux? Chef Jodi looks forward to sharing this recipe (and many others) with her upcoming cooking classes!

As with every cooking class, guests custom build their menu with Chef Jodi. And, of course, guests are more than welcome to request these new French and Corsican recipes!


 Lajollacooks4u’s private and intimate setting provides a friendly environment where participants can relax, sip some wine, and laugh together, while engaging in our unique cooking and dining experience.

For more information about our team-building challenges, celebrations for special occasions, and cooking with Lajollacooks4u visit www.lajollacooks4u.com 

Make your reservations by contacting Jodi at 858-752-4980 or email jodi@lajollacooks4u.com

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