What’s New: Groups Galore Going into July

The more the merrier in Chef Jodi’s kitchen!

Summer is the season for big group get-togethers. After all, summertime is all about vacationing, relaxing, hosting reunions, and bonding. Lajollacooks4u knows this trend all too well: groups galore have been gathering in Chef Jodi’s kitchen during the month of June!

We, at Lajollacooks4u, believe that good food and love are two necessary ingredients for a good time. The Battaglia family certainly agrees, seeing as six of the family came to Lajollacooks4u to celebrate two very important birthdays!


Carly and Brandon, whose birthdays are a mere 5 days apart, learned to prepare a feast of food with their family. This family of true foodies loved every part of cooking with Chef Jodi: from firing up the grill, to baking delicious desserts, and of course, the wining and dining on their finished meal.


This past month, Sequenom chose Lajollacooks4u as their team building activity. Fun fact: this event was Sequenom’s second team building event with Lajollacooks4u!


Having divvied up into two teams of eight, the sixteen team members collaborated in cooking up a storm while competing in several friendly cooking challenges.


The two appetizers of Wild Mushroom and Pepperoni Pizza Rolls and a Fresh Berries, Fennel and Roasted Purple Onion salad were first on the list. Then the groups tackled the main course of a Grilled Rack of Lamb with a Cucumber Yogurt Sauce and sides of Garlic Truffle Oil Fries and Grilled Asparagus and Zucchini. Finally, members raced (literally) to complete the desserts, which were Mudslide and Lemon Curd Mini Shooters.


With wines paired to each course, the teams were feeling full and happy by the time the event came to an end. Having established foundations for friendships with each other, the team really developed an important sense of unity needed in maintaining a positive work environment.


 Lajollacooks4u’s private and intimate setting provides a friendly environment where participants can relax, sip some wine, and laugh together, while engaging in our unique cooking and dining experience.

For more information about our team-building challenges, celebrations for special occasions, and cooking with Lajollacooks4u visit www.lajollacooks4u.com 

Make your reservations by contacting Jodi at 858-752-4980 or email jodi@lajollacooks4u.com

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