What’s New: Marching Into Spring

Hop into spring time with Lajollacooks4u

From a lovely night in Tuscany with the women of Callan Capital to the piping hot numbers of home cooking classes with foodies from all over the country, March has been bursting with new faces. Lajollacooks4u has truly taken to springing forward as we welcome the blossoming company of our new guests. It seems everyone wants a little taste of Lajollacooks4u in their homes! No complaints here!!

An Elegant Evening in Tuscany

Chef Jodi’s home was transformed into a Tuscan dream earlier this month, as she welcomed the women of Callan Capital over for an interactive cooking experience, complete with vino and gourmet Italian classics.


The women started in Chef Jodi’s beautiful garden for refreshments and an olive oil and salt tasting. Chef Jodi added a secret ingredient to the tasting, encouraging the ladies to mingle, breaking the ice, as they attempted to guess the special addition.


In the kitchen, the ladies participated in a hands-on cooking exposition, learning new culinary techniques and acquiring the latest kitchen tips, all while co-producing fresh and unforgettable Italian recipes.


Once the menu was completed, the women were invited into Chef Jodi’s dining room where they were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor along with a carefully paired wine matched with every course. Their Tuscan menu was packed full of delicious and savory selections, including a tender grilled flank steak draped with pesto, served on roasted broccolini with pine nuts and a wild mushroom farro risotto.

The Callan Capital women were absolutely amazing, and by the end of night everyone left with new friends and new connections. The group unanimously agreed that Chef Jodi’s authentic Italian recipes exceeded expectations. We were ecstatic to hear many of the women wanting to come back for more!

Sweet Treats

Chef Jodi made a lot of beautiful goodies this month, including two extravagant and stunning cakes from scratch.


A red velvet cake with chocolate shavings and little chocolate beads…This cake is even more delicious than it is stylish!


Chef Jodi made a death by chocolate groom’s cake for a rehearsal dinner, finished with chocolate shards and eye popping golden flowers. Everyone was in awe of how beautiful and tasty the cake was, even Chef Jodi! She had so much fun making the chocolate shards and is so excited to share it’s beauty with you!

Super Foodies and Home Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are flying off the charts here at Lajollacooks4u, making us wonder how Chef Jodi manages to accommodate all of the eager growling stomachs! Of course, Chef Jodi’s a powerhouse, and loves introducing super foodies with likeminded palettes to the delicious eats here at Lajollacooks4u. Whether it’s in your home or ours, Lajollacooks4u is always honored to share our culinary skills and recipes.

IMG_5744Chef Jodi has continued her weekly home cooking classes with Birdrock resident, Patty Uribe. Together they’ve tackled both Asian and Italian cuisine, however, most recently they conquered a French classic, a tartare. Bon appétit!

IMG_5841Local doctors and self-proclaimed foodies, Asia and Chris Takeuchi, joined Chef Jodi for a romantic night at Lajollacooks4u. They enjoyed an array of seafood dishes, from smoked fish stacks in a ginger broth with steamed mussels to a spice crusted sea bass with saffron yogurt sauce. The couple finished off their night with wine blanched pears under a pecan crumble.


Mike and Shannon Ebeling, a delightful couple from Cleveland, Ohio, traveled down to Lajollacooks4u as part of a San Diego food, wine, and beer expedition.

IMG_5961The two foodies and aspiring chefs worked with Chef Jodi to create a mouth-watering and worldly menu, consisting of a spice crusted sea bass with a creamy saffron yogurt sauce under roasted zucchini wedges with za’atar and pine nuts. Not to mention, the farro was mixed with rich feta cheese, fresh lemon juice, and ripe cherry tomatoes. YUM!


Two young women and possibly future chefs, Chloe and Eden, came with their grandmother, Laurayne Ratner, to Lajollacooks4u for a unique spring treat. Chef Jodi prepared a special kid-friendly menu just for them! The girls learned how to make homemade flour tortillas, sliders, parmesan baskets, parmesan pomme frites, and more!


Jim Neal, a mega foodie and retired Lt. Commander of the US Navy, received a gift from his daughter Micha, for a family celebration, Lajollacooks4u style. He invited close family and friends, and Chef Jodi, into his home for food and fun!IMG_5932The family worked together to prepare their five-course meal. Jim and his best buddy, Gary, worked on getting the meat ready for the grill. Herb crusted sea bass and a marinated grilled flank steak, were just two featured pieces of the delicious puzzle!IMG_5942Everyone had a hand in helping! Jim’s 4 year old granddaughter helped her grandpa knead the foccacia dough just before sliding it in the oven. Every course turned out wonderfully, and Chef Jodi was pleased to have met such a warm and welcoming family just as excited about food as she is!

image1Amanda Estrada and her family, asked Chef Jodi to come over to deliver a unique and educational cooking class. In home cooking classes have really blossomed in Lajollacooks4u this spring, and we can’t wait to keep blooming!

image1 (1)

Katy and Cheryl Archer, a cross country mother-daughter team, joined Lajollacooks4u for a fabulous evening of cooking and togetherness. Katy flew all the way from Minnesota to Sedona to pickup her mother, so they could travel west to San Diego for a week of bonding! Chef Jodi couldn’t wait to contribute to their unforgettable memories! Together, Katy and Cheryl made a blackened rock fish in Chimichurri sauce, along with a side of black bean and corn quinoa, for a taste of something a little south of the border. The ladies were such a delight, there was not a shortage of fun that night!!

Lajollacooks4u welcomes an abundance of new families and exciting team building events each month to their unique and experiential cooking classes! Hurry up and book your very special event with Chef Jodi!

Lajollacooks4u’s private and intimate setting provides a friendly environment where participants can relax, sip some wine, and laugh together, while engaging in our unique cooking and dining experience.

“The greatest gift to give and get is beautiful memories of times together”

Give the gift of beautiful memories in our kitchen with Lajollacooks4u gift cards- now available for purchase.

For more information about our team-building challenges, gift cards, and cooking with Lajollacooks4u visit www.lajollacooks4u.com 

Make your reservations by contacting Jodi at 858-752-4980 or email jodi@lajollacooks4u.com

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