Kitchen Tips: Berry Berry Fresh

Berry Berry Fresh!

This month is all about the sweetness of spring and prime garden freshness. If you snuck a peak at our delicious May recipes, you might have noticed the supple amount of berries in each dish. So what is this month’s secret ingredient? You guessed it, berries!

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, there are just so many delicious berries ripe for the picking this season! So let us walk you through the versatility of berries with these sweet kitchen tips.

Starting with Tradition

Berries are obviously wonderful on yogurt, whether its frozen, traditional, or greek! Scoop up a mixture of your favorites and topple them onto a granola, honey, & yogurt mound.

Prepare and store your breakfast snack in a mason jar for a quick on-the-go bite in the morning. Perfect for all you busy bodies out there!


Check out our Warm Berry Coulis recipe for a fancy alternative to your average yogurt topping. This coulis recipe not only warms the belly, but it trumps those naughty sugar cravings!

….Although, it does taste delicious on ice cream too!

Keeping Cool in the Heat

The freezer can be a berry’s best friend.

If you think your fresh berries have been sitting in your fridge for a little too long, store them in a Ziploc bag or sealed container to prolong their lifespan. Keeping them in the freezer not only preserves the berries, but it makes for easy access. And when you’re ready throw the frozen berries into the griddle for berry-filled pancakes and waffles, add them to muffin batter right before baking, or toss them in the blender for a heavenly smoothie!


Blend mixed-berry combinations with other fruits, like apples and bananas, for a super sweet smoothie. And when you have left overs, pop the blended mixtures into popsicle trays for a later day dessert – or a delightful afternoon treat. (If you don’t have a popsicle tray, ice-cube trays work just fine).


Hint: If you’re into the green-machine smoothie trend, adding naturally sweet berries to the mix lightens the flavor of the kale-spinach blend. You can be happy and healthy!


Strawberries and raspberries make great salad toppings. They contrast perfectly with the earthiness of mixed greens, the tanginess of cheese, and the crunchiness of spring nuts. Celebrate the freshness of every garden delight by adding berries to the mix. It may seem strange at first…but trust us, it’s deliciously refreshing! Sample this month’s Fresh Berries, Fennel, & Roasted Purple Onion over Mixed Greens salad recipe, or venture into our older fruity salads ideas.


Berries are the perfect spring ingredient. They are perfect for every course, morning to night. Share in the bliss and gather up some scrumptious fresh berries from your local farmer’s market now!

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