What Makes a Great Team?

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A smoothly running team is essential for any top-running organization.  But how do you get one?  Check out what qualities leaders need to focus on when effectively implementing their teams:


Commitment is the foundation for synergy in groups.  It provides a clear sense of direction and enables individuals to put aside personal needs for the benefit of the work team or the company.  When team members are committed to the company’s mission and values, they’re much more likely to reach their goals and succeed as a team.


The more individuals feel like part of a team, the more they contribute, and the more members contribute, the more they feel like part of the team.  When workers are involved in decisions, acknowledged for their contribution, and respected for their experience, they feel enabled and invest more.  In addition, it is equally important to have team members who support the contributions of others.


For a work group to reach its full potential, team members must be able to openly communicate with each other – about what they think, how they feel or when they need help.   Communication – when it is friendly, positive and constructive – plays a vital role in creating cohesiveness amongst the team.  In addition, it’s essential when assessing work performance.  Members must provide honest feedback, accept constructive criticism, and address issues head-on.  To do so requires a trust level supported by direct, honest communication.


Solo performance in the workplace doesn’t go as far nowadays.  Companies know how important it is for employees to be able to get along with their peers.  In fact, in larger organizations, success depends upon the degree of interdependence recognized within the team.  Leaders can facilitate cooperation by highlighting the impact of individual members on team productivity and encouraging valued team member behaviors.

Conflict Management

If teams learn to manage conflict effectively, it will be able to maintain trust and tap the collective power of the team when problems arise.  By learning to shift their mindsets about conflict in general, members will better be able to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Team building events enhance and improve upon all these much-needed workplace qualities.  Contact Lajollacooks4u today to see how your team can become the best it can be.

For more information on our team building events and corporate challenges, visit www.lajollacooks4u.com.

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