Hi. I’m Jodi Abel, a self-taught chef, who diligently honed my cooking skills through dedicated practice and expanded my culinary knowledge through private cooking classes around the world.

LaJollaCooks4U is the culmination of my passion for gourmet food and teaching. The idea for LaJollaCooks4U was conceived after I experienced my first cooking class in the home of another self-taught chef in Umbria, Italy.

LaJollaCooks4U opened its doors in 2008, since then I’ve has been imparting my knowledge (and love) of cooking gourmet food to couples, Fortune 500 companies and groups from all over the globe in her La Jolla mountaintop home.

I specialize in California cuisine and can expertly customizes each group’s menu to fit your personal preferences, while also suggesting new dishes to expand your taste for gourmet cuisine. I like utilizing what is fresh and in season and strictly uses locally grown produce. The majority of the herbs, vegetables and other ingredients used in LaJollaCooks4U’s classes are harvested from my own organic garden.

LaJollaCooks4U is rated on TripAdvisor as a top-rated attraction in La Jolla, California, and lists over 216 excellent reviews. I’ve has also received recognition from multiple food editors and tourism companies for being the ideal foodie destination.

I keep  abreast of the global food scene by learning from other chefs around the world. So far, I’ve explored the gourmet cuisine of Spain, France, South Africa, Italy, Amsterdam and Mexico and I am always looking forward to my next cooking destination. In November 2015, I published my first cookbook, Lajollacooks4u: California Cuisine.