Cooking Classes and Team Building Events

Based in San Diego, LaJollaCooks4U offers specialized cooking classes and thrilling team building cooking events!

Team members get down to business in friendly, yet competitive, head-to-head cooking challenges to produce the most delicious and appetizing dishes.

Each event starts with an olive oil and salt tasting competition, then the real cooking competition begins! Group members are divided into teams where they collaborate in creating several different menu items, while also competing against the opposing teams in producing the top dishes judged by taste, presentation, and the group’s teamwork. When teams have completed their recipes, participants reconvene at the dining table to enjoy the fabulous and delicious meal they co-produced, complete with a wine pairing for each course.

Team members learn all about California Cuisine and some knife skills while working together to create a fabulous, five-course, gourmet meal. You’ll leave the experience with gourmet recipes you learned to prepare, a satisfied palate, and knowledge that your time was well spent boosting your team’s morale and sense of unity.

We can provide either lunch or dinner based on the clients’ preferences, and each participant takes home a booklet of all recipes prepared that day. We can also provide customized aprons with your company’s logo as per your request.

Lajollacooks4u has hosted companies from all over the world, including many Fortune 500 Companies such as LensCrafters, Kellogg’s, Elsevier, and many more. Let us host your company next!

$250.00 per person

* For groups larger than 16 people please visit our Cooking Demonstration page.