Smoked Brisket for Father’s Day!

Need the perfect recipe for Father’s Day?  Fire up the grill with one of our favorites!  It’s the perfect (and most delicious) way to show Dad you care! What You’ll Need: 5-9 pounds of center-cut brisket with flap of fat 2 Tablespoons olive oil For Mop Sauce 2-3 cups beef broth ¼ cup olive oil… Continue reading Smoked Brisket for Father’s Day!

Dishing Out Recipes: Cucumber Martini

If you’re looking for a martini that’s slightly different, give this recipe a try!  Cucumber adds a hint of light flavor, as well as a bit of texture to a basic martini.  What better way to kick-off the weekend? What You’ll Need: 1 1/2 oz. citrus flavored vodka 1 seedless cucumber, sliced 1/2 oz. fresh… Continue reading Dishing Out Recipes: Cucumber Martini

Grilled Fresh Salsa for the Holiday Weekend!

Who says the grill is just for meat?  Spice up your Memorial Day weekend with some fresh and delicious grilled salsa!  This recipe is straight from Huerta los Tamarindos Organic Farm and Restaurant in Cabo San Jose! What You’ll Need: 2 pounds fresh tomato 2 cloves of garlic 4 Jalapeno pepper 1 Red Onion (Medium-sized)… Continue reading Grilled Fresh Salsa for the Holiday Weekend!

Summer Fun at Lajollacooks4u! Team Building, Family Gatherings and BBQ Kick-offs!

Looking for an innovative way to bond with your colleagues?  Want a fun activity to do with your family?  Well, look no further than Lajollacooks4u! We have everything you need when it comes to fun this summer, we’ve been uniting teams and families through hands-on cooking since 2008.  With new recipes, new competitions and new… Continue reading Summer Fun at Lajollacooks4u! Team Building, Family Gatherings and BBQ Kick-offs!

More Five-Star Reviews for Lajollacooks4u!

Spring is in full swing over here at Lajollacooks4u, and guests are flocking to see what delicious meals Chef Jodi has up her sleeve! Just last month, she whipped up meals, such as homemade tortillas with chimichurri sauce and porcini crusted seared chicken breasts with tomato olive sauce, to several groups of eager Foodies who… Continue reading More Five-Star Reviews for Lajollacooks4u!

Dishing Out Recipes: Cilantro, Lime & Jalapeno Hummus

Here at Lajollacooks4u, we’re known for our California Cuisine. We love to create dishes that give you that fun-in-the-sun feeling you experience while spending the day on a warm, San Diego beach. So of course, we put a fun and flavorful California twist to the traditional hummus dish! Chef Jodi combined California-classic ingredients (cilantro, lime and jalapeno) with traditional two-bean… Continue reading Dishing Out Recipes: Cilantro, Lime & Jalapeno Hummus

What’s New: Culinary, Wine and Music Tour of Israel

Our friends at the Jewish National Fund, which improves the land and the quality of lives of the people of Israel, are offering one of the most fabulous culinary tours of Israel! Explore the sites and sounds of Israel, interact with musicians, learn from chefs, cook a five-star meal and meet new friends!
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